Technical Data Sheet

BRI Product Number: 962
CAS Number: 30640-46-1
FEMA Number: 4311
China GB Number: Not listed
Molecular Weight: 94.15
Molecular Formula: C7H10   

Synonyms: Cyclohexadiene, methyl-
Cyclohexadiene, methyl- (Mixture of isomers)
Lemon hexadiene
Methyl Cyclohexadiene
Mixture of methyl cyclohexadiene and methylene cyclohexene
CAS Name: Cyclohexadiene, methyl-

Odor Description: A powerful lemon-lime top note, drying down to an exquisite white truffle.
Fragrance Use: A unique combination of lemon-lime, tropical, marine, and watery notes. Excellent top note in imparting freshness and boosting green floral notes. Great in cool water types.
Recommended Fragrance Use Level: Traces - 1%
Tenacity on Blotter: < 10 mins
Taste Description: Distilled lime, sulfur topnotes of citrus and garlic.
Flavor Use: Top note of lime and other citrus applications, tropical fruits, garlic, and wasabe.
Recommended Flavor Use Level: 0.1-1 PPM

Minimum Purity: 98.0%
Appearance: colorless to pale yellow liquid
Refractive Index: 1.474 : 1.484 at 20 deg C
Specific Gravity: 0.830 : 0.837 at 25 deg C
Additives: synthetic alpha tocopherol @ 0.10%

Flash Point: 35 deg F (CC)
Boiling Point (approx): 117.82 C (EPI 4.0)
Solubility: Insoluble in water.
Log P: 3.29
Kosher: YES   
Halal: YES   
Regulatory Status: TSCA AICS CHINA DSL EINECS(250-269-5)
RIFM Monograph: YES
Natural: NO
Nature Identical: YES
Export Tariff Code: 2902.19.0000
Shipped as Dangerous Good: YES

Recommended Packaging: Glass, Aluminum or Phenolic Lined Steel
Shelf Life: 6 months from manufacture date(when stored as recommended)
Recommended Storage: Store tightly sealed under inert gas below 0 deg. C

Note: Not for use in Tobacco or Nicotine delivery device applications and/or products
Last Revised: 08/20/2019